Areas of specialization


Our core expertise focuses on projects that require specific knowledge of hygiene and logistics. Whatever your needs, we help you to find the optimal answer to questions related to food handling. The food industry, food trade and other actors associated with food production are among our clients.

Laboratories, Clean rooms

Efficient control of the environmental conditions in special facilities demands seamless coordination of room layouts and utility systems . Adequately designed security and backup systems guarantee continuous operation and protection of staff and production. We offer solutions for conventional laboratories as well as for high-tech facilities, such as clean rooms, BSL and automation laboratories.


Our logistics design and engineering services cover warehousing, material handling, storage systems and civil engineering. The RE Group has solid logistics expertise in planning and implementing high-bay storage, cold and deep-freeze storage rooms and refrigeration facilities.

Protected buildings, Renovations

Through long-term collaboration with architectural history experts within the public and the private sector we have gained valuable experience of protected buildings and milieus from different architectural periods. Our reference projects include revival-style townhouses, military buildings and milieus from the Czarist era, functionalist institutional buildings and milieus, and historically significant buildings representing early modernism.

We consider it especially important that the modern technical systems are integrated into the historical whole with due respect for the original design.


We offer design and engineering services for safety and security facilities related to personal security and hygiene. Our security solutions are based on the National Security Auditing Criteria (Katakri) and on the specifications and targets of each client. The RE Group is also an active member of the Finnish Biosafety Network.

Juhani Takkinen

Chief Executive Officer