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We are involved at every lifecycle stage of the project, from exploring business requirements to handing over the keys.

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Project successes start with skilled people

Our solid experience in the requirements of production, logistics and retail, as well as our broad-ranging expertise in different design sectors, ensure that analyses and projects run smoothly in all areas. We can provide you with comprehensive design services as well as our specialist expertise in even the most demanding of tasks, such as the provision of laboratories or clean rooms.

Design services

The RE Group is a comprehensive design services company.
Our key areas of expertise are the food industry, logistics,
laboratories and the retail sector.

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Expertise in hygiene

Expertise in hygiene is a necessity for the design of all elements of operations in order for the desired level of microbiological cleanliness to be achieved. The processes must be designed so as to ensure thorough cleaning is possible.

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Specialist expertise

At the RE Group we can offer specialist expertise in a number of sectors. Many of the facilities we have designed feature spaces with a range of specialist requirements.

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Plant design

The RE Group’s plant design services cover everything
Plant design encompasses the overall design of production plants, including all of the RE Group’s design and project management services.

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